This programme will pursue and contribute to the national objectives of reproductive health rights, namely: 1) enhancing the legal and policy environment for reproductive health and rights; 2) raising awareness and promoting dialogue with key stakeholders on reproductive health, and rights; 3) strengthening reproductive health and rights research and documentation; 4) building the capacity of sexual and reproductive health rights advocates to lead advocacy efforts; 5) creating an enabling environment for women to access justice for violations of their sexual and reproductive health rights.

In addition to maternal reproductive health and rights (RHR), this programme will target adolescent’s reproductive health rights. It will also reach children with comprehensive age-appropriate sex education. Together with covering reproductive health and rights for mothers and adolescents, as well as education for children, this programme will also cover female genital mutilation (FGM),HIV/AIDS, SGBV and safe abortions and general healthy living among communities that we serve.