Kenya Alliance for Rural Empowerment (KARE) is a non-profit making, non-political and non-sectarian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in 2007 with the NGOs Coordination Board. The core mandate of the organization is to empower communities with relevant skills, knowledge, opportunities and capabilities to enable them live in dignity. The organization undertakes community-based programs aimed at empowering and building the capabilities of target communities and individuals through participatory approaches that address social, economic, cultural and political gaps that impede the participation of the poor and the marginalized in the process of development. The key target population for the organization includes women, children, the elderly and the youth.


KARE envisions empowered Kenyan society participating in sustainable development initiatives with dignity.

KARE’s Mission is to work in partnership with rural communities in building capacities for objective and sustainable management of and benefit from development processes while focusing on women, children, the elderly and the youth.

Core Values
Empowerment: KARE empowers the project target, stakeholders, members and staff.
Respect for Human Rights- values the dignity and rights of every human being.
Equity and Equality- Uphold and promote fairness and non-discrimination.
Integrity: Conducting all business with utmost honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability.
Partnership- Commitment to quality and broad participation and collaboration with other stakeholders.
Learning and innovation: Value reflection, learning and innovation and strive to evolve, promote and share best practices with others.